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An Album for Organ No.1 :

Prelude in Em, Chorale and Canon, Solemn March, Pomp and Simplicity

Sonata for Organ


Sonata in A for Pianoforte

Suite for Solo Cello

An Album for Pianoforte No.1 :

Prelude in Em, Prelude 'Through a Veil of Mist', Prelude in F, The Lonely Glen, Four Preludes for Pianoforte, Sonatina

An Album for Pianoforte No.2:

Adagio for an Unwritten Sonata for Pianoforte, One Came Fluting, Doves, A Slumber Song, Dancing Faun, Valse Triste, Morning Song, Prelude in A, The Forest Patrol, Menuet in A, Movement in F.

An Album for Pianoforte No.3:

My Lover Wounded, The Langour of Love, Highland Air (Waes me for Charlie), The Broken Ring, Retrospect


Flute and Piano

Sonata No.1 in A Minor for Flute and Pianoforte

Sonata No.2 in A Minor for Flute and Pianoforte

Clarinet and Piano

Sonata for Clarinet and Pianoforte

Horn and Piano

A Hunting Tune, Romance and Rondo - for horn and piano

Concerto for Horn - for horn and piano

Cornet or Trumpet and Piano

Sonata for Cornet and Pianoforte - for cornet or trumpet and piano

Violin and Piano

Sonata No.2 for Violin and Pianoforte

Sonata No.3 for Violin and Pianoforte

Sonata No.4 for Violin and Pianoforte "Maori"

Sonata in F for Violin and Pianoforte [No. 5]

Sonata in C# Minor for Violin and Pianoforte [No. 6]

Sonatine for Violin and Pianoforte

An Album for Violin and Pianoforte:

Valse Lent, Valse Triste 1914), Waltz Caprice, Blue Evening, In Such a Night, Mazurka, and Moto Perpetuo

Shule Agra - for violin and piano

Viola and Piano

Sonata in B Minor - for viola and piano

Sonata in F - for viola and piano

Isles of Wonder - for viola and piano

Concerto for Viola - for viola and piano

Cello and Piano

Concerto for Violoncello - for cello and piano

Sonata in B Minor - for cello and piano

Romance - for cello and piano


Piano Trio

Trio in A Minor - for piano trio - violin, cello, and piano

Trio in C - for piano trio - violin, viola (or cello), and piano

Miniature Trio No.1 - for piano trio - violin (or clarinet), cello, and piano

Miniature Trio No.2 - for piano trio - violin (or oboe), cello (or bassoon), and piano

Piano Quartet

The Sacred Mountain - for piano quartet - violin, viola, cello, and piano

Berceuse - for piano quartet - two violins (or violin and viola), cello, and piano

Valse Triste - for piano quartet - two violins (or violin and viola), cello, and piano


String Duet

Little Suite No.1 for Two Violins

Six Duets for Violin and Violoncello:

The Fiddle Maker's Lament, Joy Dance, Gavotte, No.4, Reverie, Morning Greeting

String Trio

Prelude and Fugue - for violin, viola, and cello

String Quartet

String Quartet No.1 in Bb

String Quartet No.2 in G

String Quartet No.3 in A Minor - "The Carnival"

String Quartet No.4 in C Minor

String Quartet No.5 in Eb - "The Allies"

String Quartet No.6 - "The Kids"

String Quartet No.7 in A

String Quartet No.8 in A

String Quartet No.9 in A Minor

String Quartet No.10 in E

String Quartet No. 11 in D Minor

String Quartet No. 12 in E

String Quartet No. 13 in E

String Quartet No. 14 in B Minor

String Quartet No.15 in A Minor

String Quartet No.16 in Bb - "The Celtic Quartet"

String Quartet No.17 in C

Finale in C Minor

Suite for Four Violins

Solo Instrument with String Quartet

Serenade for Horn and String Quartet

String Quartet and Pianoforte

Life Quintet - for string quartet and pianoforte with 8 voices in the finale


In Serious Mood - for alto, two tenors, and bass recorders

Little Suite for Recorders - for alto, two tenors, and bass recorders

Septet for Wind Instruments - flute, oboe, 2 clarinets, horn, and 2 bassoons

Clarinet Quartet Album:

In Serious Mood, Little Suite, Wynnum - A Serenade

Piece for Three Trombones



Marche Militaire

Prelude in F Minor

Waiata Poi



Marche Militaire

Prelude in E Minor

Solemn March

The Lonely Land

Introduction and Air

Introduction, Theme, and Variations

String Symphony

Symphony in A

1. The Mind of Man, 2. Intermezzo - Youth, 3. Age, 4. Finale - Life's Purpose

Symphony in A Minor

Symphony in Eb "The Four Nations"

Melodious Symphony for Strings

Solo Instrument with String Orchestra

Serenade for Horn and String Orchestra



Pageantry (Royal Welcome Overture)

Celebrations Overture (Overture in C)

Tone Poem

The Lost Hunter

The Sea

The Call of A Bird

A Sunset Fantasy


Symphony No.1 in Bb

Symphony in A Minor "The Carnival"

Symphony in E Minor

Short Symphony in C


Slumber Music - for small orchestra

Waiata Poi - for orchestra

Solo Instrument with Symphony Orchestra

One Came Fluting - for solo flute and small orchestra

Concerto for Horn and Orchestra

Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra

Concerto in A for Pianoforte and Orchestra

Concerto in A Minor for Viola and Orchestra

Concerto in A Minor for Violoncello and Orchestra



Solo Voice and Piano

A Consolation - a sonnet by Shakespeare for low voice and piano

An Album for Voice and Pianoforte:

The Lark is Singing O'er the Hills of Lorne, The Exiles, A Song of Spring, A Lone Bird Calling, Summer Heat and the South Wind

Solo Voice and Ensemble

Serenade - Smile Down Sweetheart - for tenor, flute, and string octet



Beauty - for SSA a capella

Piping Down the Valleys Wild - for SSA a capella

Riverside Anthem - for SSA and pianoforte


The Lord's Prayer - for SATB a capella or accompanied

Mass in Eb - for SATB and organ

Exhibition Ode - for soprano, tenor, and baritone soloists, SATB chorus, orchestra, brass band, and organ

Album for SATB a capella:

Psalm 3, So live that when the summons comes, Berceuse, A Lament


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