Symphony in A

for String Orchestra

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1. Allegro deciso / Andante / Allegro - The Mind of Man

2. Intermezzo - Youth

3. Andantino - Age

4. Finale - Life's Purpose


ISMN 979-0-720073-10-1

Duration: approximately 24 minutes.

Score: 60.00 AUD.

Parts are available for hire. Please enquire.

In the catalogue of Alfred Hill’s music this work has the identifier 1.3.3 SyA.

In 1934 Hill composed String Quartet No.8 in A Minor ( SQ8) and sometime in the 1950s that was orchestrated to create this symphony, one of four string symphonies all of which are adaptations of quartets. These were produced not just by the addition of a double bass part but involved a reworking of the music with changes of voicing, harmony, dynamics, and articulation, as well as addition or omission of bars. The movements of the nine symphonies for full orchestra were similarly almost all reworkings of chamber works. All the manuscripts of the symphonies from the 1950s are undated and earlier attempts to number Hill’s symphonies chronologically have been found to be so problematic that it is deemed best to refer to them by the names given by the composer; Hill only gave a number to his first symphony. It is, however, likely that the premier performance was given by the Sydney String Orchestra conducted by John Antill on 27th March 1957. The symphony as whole has become known (appropriately or otherwise) by the subtitle of the opening movement, The Mind of Man. A 1970 recording of the West Australian Symphony Orchestra conducted by Tibor Paul was later released on the LP: ABC RRCS 1469.

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