A Catalogue of the Music of Alfred Hill

This catalogue was included in the PhD thesis (Macquarie University, 2007), A survey of the music of Alfred Hill, including a thematic catalogue, by Allan Stiles. The thematic catalogue in the survey (to be published later) shows sample scores and data for all the works in PDFs on a disc. The scores may be heard on linked MP3 files.

All the known works are classified in a decimalised tree structure. Within each group, individual works are identified by letters derived from their title (or one of their titles - the same music ofter having more than one name), a methodology that allows the elegant inclusion of later discoveries. Chronological numbering has not been possible because most of the scores are undated. Hill did not keep complete lists or allocate opus numbers. Earlier attempts to determinge chronology have been found to be inaccurate. It is suggested that, for example, the identifier for the organ work, 1.1.1 A Albumleaf, should be read: "one one one A".

The links below may be used to navigate to each category:

  • Instrumental
  • Vocal
  • Theatre
  • Arrangements of traditional melodies
  • Arrangements by Hill of the music of others
  • Arrangements by others of the music of Hill
  • Textbooks

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