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Solo Instrumental

An Album for Organ No.1

Sonata for Organ

An Album for Pianoforte No.1

Sonata in A for Pianoforte

One Instrument with Piano

Concerto for Violoncello - piano reduction - for cello and piano

Sonata No.1 for Flute and Pianoforte

Sonata for Clarinet and Pianoforte

Sonata for Cornet and Pianoforte - for cornet or trumpet and piano

Sonata in B Minor - for cello or viola and piano

Romance - for cello and piano

Strings with Piano

Trio in A Minor - for piano trio - violin, cello, and piano

Trio in C - for piano trio - violin, viola (or cello), and piano

Miniature Trio No.1 - for piano trio - violin (or clarinet), cello, and piano

Miniature Trio No.2 - for piano trio - violin (or oboe), cello (or bassoon), and piano

The Sacred Mountain - for piano quartet - violin, viola, cello, and piano

Berceuse - for piano quartet - two violins (or violin and viola), cello, and piano

Valse Triste - for piano quartet - two violins (or violin and viola), cello, and piano

String Trio

Prelude and Fugue - for violin, viola, and cello

String Quartet

String Quartet No.1

String Quartet No.2

String Quartet No.3 - The Carnival

String Quartet No.4

String Quartet No.5 - The Allies

String Quartet No.6 - The Kids

String Quartet No.7

String Quartet No.8

String Quartet No.9

Solo Instrument with String Quartet

Serenade for Horn and String Quartet

Recorder Consort

In Serious Mood - for alto, two tenors, and bass

Little Suite for Recorders - for alto, two tenors, and bass

Brass Ensemble

Piece for Three Trombones

Brass Band


Marche Militaire

Prelude in F Minor

Waiata Poi

String Orchestra

Marche Militaire

Prelude in E Minor

Solemn March

The Lonely Land

Introduction and Air

Introduction, Theme, and Variations

Symphony in A

Symphony in A Minor

Symphony in Eb "The Four Nations"

Solo Instrument with String Orchestra

Serenade for Horn and String Orchestra

Symphony Orchestra

The Lost Hunter - tone poem

Slumber Music - for small orchestra

Symphony No.1 in Bb

Symphony in E Minor

Solo Instrument with Symphony Orchestra

One Came Fluting - for solo flute and small orchestra

Concerto for Horn and Orchestra

Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra


Solo Voice

Serenade - Smile Down Sweetheart - for tenor, flute, and string octet

A Consolation - for baritone and piano


Beauty - for SSA a capella

The Lord's Prayer - for SATB a capella or accompanied

Mass in Eb - for SATB and organ

Exhibition Ode - for soprano, tenor, and baritone soloists, SATB chorus, orchestra, brass band, and organ

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